Have Your Teeth Whitened at Chimney Hills Dental

If you have a less than white shade to your smile, getting your teeth whitened may be the perfect procedure for you. There are different options in getting your teeth whitened here at Chimney Hills.

Teeth Whitening Options at Chimney Hills

We offer tray-based tooth whiteners, where an impression of your teeth is made to create a custom fitting tray. This mouth guard-like tray is then filled with a whitening solution and worn for generally 2 hours a day or even over night. We also offer Opalescence Go Whitening, which is a boxed kit for those that may have a history of sensitivity when using other whitening products. We also offer in office whitening treatments that give you immediate results to jumpstart the whitening process.

Find Out More About Our Teeth Whitening Procedures

The results of getting your teeth whitened are not permanent. To maintain a longer lasting whiter smile, it helps to avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth in between whitening treatments. Find out if getting your teeth whitened is right for you.

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