Getting a Filling at Chimney Hills Dental Amongst the many dental services Chimney Hills provides to those living in Tulsa, fillings are offered here to treat your cavities, as well as to repair broken or cracked teeth that may be worn down by teeth grinding.

Our dental staff is experienced in treating our patients courteously while addressing any concerns in getting a filling. During the filling procedure, our specialists use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. Once the area is numbed, we will carefully remove the decayed part of the tooth and prep it for the filling.

Different Types of Dental Fillings

Here at Chimney Hills there are several filling options to choose from, including tooth colored resin, tooth colored glass ionomer, ceramic and gold. There are different advantages that come with each filling option to treat your cavities.

Talk to Our Staff Today About Dental Fillings.

If you have any questions or concerns about getting a filling done at your next dental visit, please feel free to call us right now, or contact us online. Getting a filling done is a highly common procedure, and we specialize in addressing any anxieties or worries you may have during the process. Talk to us today about your options in getting your cavities treated at your next dental visit here at Chimney Hills Dental.

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