Getting Fixed Bridges at Chimney Hills Dental

Here at Chimney Hills Dental, we perform fixed bridges procedures to replace missing teeth and enhance your smile. The bridges we offer are made up of two crowns that cover the teeth that surround the missing tooth/teeth, as well as the false tooth/teeth that takes the place of the missing one/s. The teeth that surround the missing teeth are called abutment teeth.and in between these are the false teeth.

These false teeth can be made up of several types of materials, including gold, alloys, or porcelain. Our dental staff here at Chimney Hills knows the importance of restoring your ability to chew and speak, as well as the positive effects that come along with getting fixed bridges, such as correcting the shape of your face and preventing your teeth from shifting out of place.

The Process of Getting Your Dental Fixed Bridges

During your initial visit, Dr. Johnson prepares the abutment teeth for the crown placement. Then accurately files down the abutment teeth to allow room for the crowns to be placed over them. Once this happens, Dr. Johnson will carefully make impressions of your teeth so that the bridge can be made. Until the bridge is finished, we will provide you with a temporary bridge.

In about two weeks, the permanent bridge is ready to be delicately cemented in place of the temporary bridge.

Contact Us Today About Getting Fixed Bridges

Our staff at Chimney Hills Dental understands that the practice of getting fixed bridges is an involved and transformative process for our patients. Dr. Johnson will guide you in feeling at ease in having your fixed bridges procedure done here in Tulsa, OK. Call us today with any questions you may have regarding dental fixed bridges, or feel free to contact us online.